Why writers should go to business school.

Some of you know that I attended business school in 2011. It was an online program – I wanted to learn more about creating an online presence as an author and writing teacher, so I registered.

I hoped that it would teach me how to connect with readers and teach creative writing online. It did. I also learned how to build a website, cultivate a readership, promote my publications, and sell my teaching online. My husband, Ryan, took a year off work and we travelled for 15 months, supporting ourselves on the income that came in from my website.

That online business school is starting again this spring.

It would be a brilliant investment for you if:

  • you’re a writer, teacher, tutor, editor, copywriter, or publisher and you want to learn how to promote your work/service online
  • you belong to an organization or a non-profit that is looking for new subscribers, members, or funding
  • you want to learn how to promote yourself using social media without being pushy or annoying

My feeling about writers and promotion is this: if self-promotion makes us feel gross, pushy, or desperate, I don’t think we’re doing it right.

I also believe that it behooves us to pay attention to what’s happening in online business right now, because the marketing rules are VERY different than the old models. Publishing is discovering this quickly.

I know business school is not for everyone. And the style of this school might not be for you either. But if you’re already thinking about building a web presence in some way, I highly encourage you to consider it.

Note: the program is not geared to writers. You’ll see a lot of marketing language: branding, conversion rates, profit clarity, etc. It’s made for women, but men are welcome. Frankly, I’m embarrassed to tell you what the school is called. But I promise: when you get in there and do the work that’s involved, you will learn so much.

The program is called Rich, Hot and Happy B-School. Marie Forleo runs the program; she’s a Jersey girl with a thing for hip hop, stilettos, big hair, and green juice. She’s also steeped in honesty, integrity, and smarts. [Editor’s note: the program is now simply called B-School.]

The content is incredible, cutting-edge, fresh, and creative. I am so grateful to have this business backup as I go forward with everything that a writing career entails – teaching, writing, book tours and events, publicity, etc.

If you are the enterprising sort – or you have an idea and you want to learn how to be more enterprising – check out B-School. It’s $2000, and it’s worth ten times that amount. I share more about my experience in the program here.

Marie Forleo has a referral system, which means that I get a kickback from B-School if you register through my link. If you decide B-School is for you, I’d obviously be grateful if you use my link to register.

If you do sign up for B-School through me, I’ll send you free access to Story Is a State of Mind, my online writing program. You must register for B-School with my link for your Story Is a State of Mind access to work, though.

Click here to register for B-School and get Story Is a State of Mind for free.


I’m an official partner, which means that I’m working with Marie to promote the school, and I may earn a stipend if you take B-School from my recommendation.

Still curious about why I love B-School? I have lots more to say about it here.


Read the comments or add yours.

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Ella says:


I loved this honest review of B-School – and have to say that its full name had slightly put me off too! I have been wondering if it was the right fit for me as a writing tutor and co-director of a non-profit, and I feel you’ve answered this for me. Might have to whip out the credit card and sign up…

Sarah Selecky says:

Hi Ella! Great! Do let me know if you have any specific questions about the program. xo S

Tareneh says:

Bschool has been on my mind for over a year and I have sent people to Marie TV often. I have committed to take my own advise this year and join. Even though I came across your website via bschool’s, I now intend to sign up through you, because I love and live the idea of women blessing others through their business choices. I also look forward to your writing course.
Love and blessings friend!

Sarah Selecky says:

Thank you, Tareneh! The women I’ve met through Marie’s community are smart and inspired – you will love it there. And I hope you’ll love Story Is a State of Mind, too: may it support you creatively as you take this leap in life. xo, S

Erin says:


I just registered for b-school. It’s exactly what I’ve been thinking about doing for the last year. I’m sure it will be as illuminating as SSM. Thank you for the recommendation!

Sarah Selecky says:

Yay! Erin, congratulations. I’ll see you in class! And we’ll send you SSM access soon. I’m so happy for you. xo S

Sarah Selecky says:

Note: to receive Story Is a State of Mind with BSchool, make sure you enter your name and address and enrol for the program using my link.

Detailed instructions:

1.Enter your name and email address using this link: 

2.Close all other windows in your browser.

3.Purchase B-School using this link: 

4.Before you click ADD TO CART be sure to check that the link above says: http://rhhbschool.com/join-us/?orid=57566&opid=71#checkout

It’s such an ugly link, I’m sorry to have to show it to you. But the number 57566 shows that your registration is linked to me. As long as that number is in your browser link, we’re connected.

5.Once you’re finished your purchase, send me a copy of your receipt.


I stumbled across your website a few days ago via pure serendipity. I have been actively looking for ‘models’ of writers who are offering online courses for the past 3 weeks (because, to be frank, I have it in mind to create such a website of my own someday). Imagine my surprise when I stumbled into your website via Danille LaPorte’s Big Beautiful Book site (it was the image of your book cover that did it — I thought, ‘Hey! Wait a minute! This one looks like a literary writer!’) And, to be honest… I couldn’t imagine even taking a second look at B-School if I’d come across it on my own… but your endorsement says a lot. If I ever sign up — and I will if I can — I will certainly do so via your website and register through this link.

Thanks, Sarah Selecky — you are an inspiration! I have your book on order and am looking forward to reading it (after glimpes of parts). Your website is beautiful and the course you offer looks likewise… honesty, integrity, heart. It doesn’t get better than that. Good luck with everything!

Sarah Selecky says:

Thank you so much, Cynthia! Best of luck with your website and online course project. It’s been a labour of love for me, and I recommend it. I chose to learn the language of BSchool – all the sales and marketing stuff – and then ran it through a filter so it made sense for me. This is a process, and I’m still refining it. But it’s been worthwhile for me: for my website, yes, but also to understand how publishing business works (yikes).

BTW do you know Chuck Wendig? Here’s his great post on why it behooves writers to know the business of publishing (from the other side): http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2013/07/09/hell-with-what-sells/

It’s lovely to meet you here, Cynthia. Stay in touch. xo S

Anita says:

Your site is just beautiful, so clear and well designed!

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