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Find Connection

Winter Writing Assignment 6   Your fifth (and final) Winter Writing Assignment is below. I hope you’ve enjoyed these weekly assignments, and that the writing helped make your January feel reflective and productive. Before your last assignment, I have an announcement. Over the holiday, I faced an unexpected challenge in my life. I don’t usually […]

Know What You’re Reading

Winter Writing Assignment 5     “The body of literature, with its limits and edges, exists outside some people and inside others. Only after the writer lets literature shape her can she perhaps shape literature. In working-class France, when an apprentice got hurt, or when he got tired, the experienced workers said, “It is the […]

Love Your Sentences

Winter Writing Assignment 4     “The well-made sentence transcends time and genre. A beautiful sentence is a beautiful sentence, regardless of when it was written, or whether it appears in a play or a magazine article. … To talk to another writer about sentences feels like forging a connection based on the most intimate […]

Copy Carefully

Winter Writing Assignment 3   “As I started to write myself, I began to read stories differently, harder. Margins were marked with comments, and memorable passages were underlined, then copied down. I wanted to sense what it must have been like to write these words for the first time, so I would type them hesitantly, […]

Be Present

Winter Writing Assignment 2   “I sit down, grind my ink, set my timer for an hour, and take my paintbrush and go. I try to stay behind the story, never leading it. I’m kind of like the world’s slowest secretary. I also have a rule that I never ever think about the story unless […]

A Solstice Gift

Happy solstice, dear Writer. This is the darkest time of the year, which is, of course, perfect for writing. It’s traditionally the time to be quiet and reflect on all the things we are grateful for over the past year, and to think about what we want to manifest in the upcoming year. To honour […]

My Six Workout Essentials

I have never been what you would call a sporty girl. I don’t play well with others (count me out when you’re putting a soccer team together) and I don’t understand marathons. But I have a whole drawer full of neon clothes, a shelf full of exercise DVDs, and hand weights in my living room. […]

How to Make More Time

As I write this, our Story Intensive students are in their writing week. If you have Story Is a State of Mind, take a look at the assignment for Lesson Seven. (It asks you to make a writing week on your own.) This is one of the most challenging parts of the course! Funny, isn’t […]

Be A Writer Who Moves, A Mover Who Writes

I would rather not go into details about my osteopathic situation here, but I will say this: last year, my psoas and hip flexors were starting to tell me that writing a book was hazardous to my health. You’ve heard this, right? Sitting is the new smoking. Even if you work out every day, sitting […]

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