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Seth Godin and the privilege of connection.

For many years, there were about 150 people on my email list. It was exciting to write to 150 people. This was before Facebook, when most of us were still spending more time in our physical communities than we did in our digital ones. Now that we are meeting and communicating online more often than […]

What happens on a writing retreat?

Today is a treat! I’m sharing a conversation with four writers who attended The Lemon Tree House writing retreat this past September. I’m leading my own retreat there in April, but I haven’t been to the castle yet, so there’s only so much I can tell you about what it will be like! I have […]

What you need to know about fear.

Last weekend I had the privilege of working with six accomplished writers and a herd of horses for three days. It was incredible. The horses have a way of mirroring your resistance to you, without fail. You might have a very compelling story about why you won’t/can’t write your book, but try explaining that to […]

Cross training

I signed up for art classes this fall. Every Tuesday for the next seven weeks, I’m playing with gouache! What? My art teacher, Erica, taught me about colour theory. I drank it up — chroma, hue, value. The difference between chroma and lightness. How different colours have their own inherent value. And how different value […]

Be stubborn.

A couple of years ago, Jennifer Louden interviewed me for her Teach Now course. This program teaches pedagogy and self-care for anyone who feels called to be a teacher, and I was delighted to be included as guest faculty. Since then, I have been following Jennifer’s work with admiration. Her writing is in service to […]

Stop what you’re doing.

There have been times that I’ve believed writing was supposed to be really hard work, and that it was unreasonable to think that I could enjoy it. Writers talk about this a lot. They talk about it through time and space. Even after death, they’re talking about how hard it is to write. “There is […]

Manifestos, guides, and best friends

Before I get into my post today, I want to tell you that The Story Intensive registration is open for 10 MORE DAYS. I run this writing workshop once a year: it’s the only fully-guided Story Is a State of Mind writing workshop I offer. Space is very limited, and writers from around the world […]

Be open, and let yourself love this.

I received the following question from a subscriber this winter: Dear Sarah, I am really struggling… I am able to write a bit every day but I can’t seem to get enough words on a page. My thoughts aren’t growing enough. I’m unable to give enough descriptions, etc. to help draw in the reader. Most […]

Clear the decks!

If you want to start and finish a writing project —a story for The Little Bird Contest, or another project you’ve been considering — you need to actually make time for it, or it’s not going to happen. I know that sounds obvious. But what does making time really look like? You have to clear […]

Write what you want to read.