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Be A Writer Who Moves, A Mover Who Writes

I would rather not go into details about my osteopathic situation here, but I will say this: last year, my psoas and hip flexors were starting to tell me that writing a book was hazardous to my health. You’ve heard this, right? Sitting is the new smoking. Even if you work out every day, sitting […]

Why You Should Keep Your Writing Secret

I’ve been working on my novel-in-progress (title: still a secret) since 2010. I’ve been actively writing it since January 2014. In all of those years, I’ve kept the details about it to myself. It’s still a mystery to most people. My husband, Ryan, hasn’t read any of it yet. He can see my Post-it notes […]

I Wish Someone Told Me This When I Was Young

Last week I had the magical, glitter-and-petals-floating-in-the-air experience of having Francesca Lia Block give a Master Class to The Story Intensive students. I read her first book, Weetzie Bat, when I was in high school. I knew I wanted to be a writer even then, but I had no one to talk to about it. […]

A Big Announcement About the Way I Communicate

I’ve been spending the summer thinking and dreaming about why I’m here, what I’m doing on social media, and why I run this creative writing school in the first place. It does feel remarkable to me that the Story Is a State of Mind community has grown the way it has. Who would have thought […]

How I lost my writing, and found it again.

I don’t usually do this, but I made you a video newsletter. There was something I wanted to tell you in person, so I brought my laptop into a quiet room and figured out how to make the built-in camera work. I’m a private person. This might be surprising, given my website, I know. But […]

Keep Your Promises

  I was in Oregon last week for a conference (called the World Domination Summit – look it up!) and I got to meet some of my students in person! Seriously – if you ever see me out and about, please come over and say hello. I LOVE THIS. WDS asks its community: how do […]

Find Your Writing Community

Your dream about writing may have started as a whisper. It comes to many writers as a feeling first, or a wish. And every delicate filament of your dream will be matched by ten shouts of doubt the moment you try to make it real. I’m guessing you’ve experienced this already. You know those negative […]

How Knitting Made Me A Better Writer

I work really, really well with a routine. And the thing about moving is that all of my routines have changed. In our new house, where is my favourite reading spot? Where do my Mason jars live? Now that I have a bathtub (yay!) when is the best time for me relax and take a […]

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