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Don’t put writing on your to-do list.

  I’m writing this to you from the Calgary airport. I’m going to be boarding a flight to Toronto soon. I’ve just finished a two-week writing retreat at the Banff Centre of the Arts. I’m excited to come home. I miss Ryan, our barn, and summer in Prince Edward County, but I’m sad to leave […]

Author spotlight: Diana Radovan

I’ve been looking forward to introducing you to the author in today’s spotlight. Some of our Story Intensive students already know her, because she is one of our outstanding TAs. For writers who have had the privilege of working with Diana Radovan, you know her to be smart, disciplined, and full of enchanted thoughts about […]

2016 AWP Round-Up

In past years, I found the Association of Writing Programs conference overwhelming — the massive AWP conference hosts over 11,000 writers, all under one roof — but this year was different for me, for a few reasons: I went with Christina Cha and Tara Bragg, two of our Story Intensive TAs, and it was absolutely […]

What I’ve learned from reading Lisa Moore.

Photo: Bojan Furst We were alone on the island, at your parents’ cottage. Oil lamps at night, the darkness collapsing like a tent. The day before I left, during supper, my mother and I couldn’t look each other in the eye. I watched her try to jerk a speared beet off her fork. A hard […]

We are hiring!

Our school is soaring to new heights! We are looking for someone to join the team to make sure that this school flies beautifully, while keeping our community inspired and safe. We’re hiring a Director of Operations who is smart, organized, loves literature, and excels at online business management. Is this you? Is this someone […]

Writing Retreats for Your Wish List (Part 2)

Self-directed writing retreats let you carve out the space and time you need to go deep into the world of your book, but writers don’t always want isolation. It can feel good – and more sane – to be writing with other writers and artists around. It’s also an incredible luxury to have permission to […]

Writing Retreats for Your Wish List (Part 1)

Thank you to everyone who sent writing retreats for this round-up! The first seven in the list below are my own recommendations – I know them and trust them. All the rest are new and mysterious gems that lovely readers submitted! We received wonderful suggestions, and I’ve divided them into three different groups, depending on […]

I want to write like Anne Truitt sculpted.

“I have settled into the most comfortable routine I have ever known in my working life. I wake very early and, after a quiet period, have my breakfast in my room: cereal, fruit, nuts, the remainder of my luncheon Thermos of milk, and coffee. Then I write in my notebook in bed. By this time, […]

Write what you want to read.