Little Bird Writing Contest—

The 2015 Little Bird Contest Winner!

The winner of this year’s Little Bird Contest is Corrie Adams, author of “Paradise.” First Place: “Paradise” by Corrie Adams, from Newmarket, Ontario, Canada Neil Smith picked her story out of 101 blind entries we received this year. I couldn’t wait to read the story when I learned the prompt she used to start it: […]

Humility and chutzpah: how to revise.

All of the writers we truly adore have a mix of these two qualities: humility and chutzpah. You know this paradox. You live in it, too. You have to be humble enough to see the truth and write it down honestly. You surrender. You write a story and follow the scenes even though you don’t […]

Meet the Little Bird 2015 Judge!

Introducing the Little Bird Contest judge: Neil Smith! Have you read his work before? If not, go read Bang, Crunch right now. It’s an incredible collection. (U.S. readers go here). His new book, Boo, comes out this May! Story Is a State of Minders, you know a little of Neil’s work – he wrote Isolettes, […]

Happy Birthday, Little Bird!

We are proud as peacocks this year – our writing contest is five years old today! I wanted to put a picture of a peacock on this page, but peacocks aren’t really little birds, are they? So here is a picture of a baby peacock. Over the past five years, we’ve seen hundreds of brand […]

The 2014 Little Bird Winner!

The winner of the Little Bird Writing Contest is Rachel Ball, author of “Woman In a Drawer.” Rebecca Lee picked her amazing story out of the 111 entries we received this year. I was surprised and delighted when I heard the news, in part because of a magic little coincidence: Rachel also happens to be […]

In the Spotlight: Leslie Greentree

I met Leslie Greentree last year, thanks to Alix Ohlin, our 2013 Little Bird Contest judge. Alix chose Leslie’s moving (but funny) story, “The Room of Pickled Things,” as the contest winner. It’s now one year later, and the 2014 Little Bird Contest submissions are already starting to rumble in. I love this time of […]

Chirrup Chirrup!

The Little Bird Contest is officially open! You can send your submissions to Rebecca Lee as of today, and the contest will be open until the end of May. Remember not to put your name on any of your story pages — that would disqualify you. Your name will go on the submission form, and […]

Clear the decks!

If you want to start and finish a writing project —a story for The Little Bird Contest, or another project you’ve been considering — you need to actually make time for it, or it’s not going to happen. I know that sounds obvious. But what does making time really look like? You have to clear […]

The 2013 Little Bird Winner!

The winner of the Little Bird Writing Contest is Leslie Greentree, author of “The Room of Pickled Things.” Congratulations, Leslie! The prompt that started her story: Write a scene that involves pickled carrots and supermarket eggs. And three cheers for our runners up: “Cola Bottle Light” by Emily Coon Write a story that is a […]

The Little Bird Deadline is on Sunday!

We’ve received a stack of stories already, and I must say, they have some enchanting titles. (I can only see the titles, because the names are hidden, of course.) I’m so excited to hand these over to Alix next month. There are still two days left before the submission deadline! Are you ready? Submit here, […]

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