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What does “show, don’t tell” really mean?

  A Daily Prompts subscriber recently asked me what I meant by “scene.” What exactly, she asked, should be in one? I’ve thought a lot about her question. Here’s the truth: you can spend a lot of time thinking about what you should put into a scene, but that’s not the most important question. But […]

The 2015 Little Bird Contest Winner!

The winner of this year’s Little Bird Contest is Corrie Adams, author of “Paradise.” First Place: “Paradise” by Corrie Adams, from Newmarket, Ontario, Canada Neil Smith picked her story out of 101 blind entries we received this year. I couldn’t wait to read the story when I learned the prompt she used to start it: […]

Meet the Little Bird 2015 Judge!

Introducing the Little Bird Contest judge: Neil Smith! Have you read his work before? If not, go read Bang, Crunch right now. It’s an incredible collection. (U.S. readers go here). His new book, Boo, comes out this May! Story Is a State of Minders, you know a little of Neil’s work – he wrote Isolettes, […]

Happy Birthday, Little Bird!

We are proud as peacocks this year – our writing contest is five years old today! I wanted to put a picture of a peacock on this page, but peacocks aren’t really little birds, are they? So here is a picture of a baby peacock. Over the past five years, we’ve seen hundreds of brand […]

This is why I love B-School so much.

When I signed up for B-School, I was already teaching creative writing. I had a website up, and I had a list of email addresses that I used to send a newsletter. My husband advised me not to take B-School. Ryan didn’t think I needed to spend that much money on a program that was […]

Throwing Cotton the MOVIE!

  File under “Pinch me: surreal” — “Throwing Cotton”, one of the stories in This Cake Is For the Party, was made into a movie this year. The film recently wrapped, and it’s scheduled to be released in 2015. I got to see the sneak preview this fall, and it’s stunning. It was almost an […]

Congratulations class of 2015!

Last week, eighty-five writers graduated from The Story Intensive Class of 2015. Today’s post is in their honour. These wonderful writers, from Nanaimo to Tasmania, have been showing up for their writing practice with us since September. This month, they each wrote and completed a brand new short story! Some of them finished a story […]

Give This Cake!

  I don’t know why – maybe because “Throwing Cotton” was recently made into a movie! – but people have been sending me the nicest letters lately, telling me how much they love the stories in This Cake. It still feels surreal and incredible to know that my stories are alive out there in the […]

Writing Retreat at The Lemon Tree House

  I am going to be the Writer In Residence at The Lemon Tree House next April! I’m beyond excited. This is such a special writing retreat, unlike anything I’ve seen before. Please come meet me there. We will stay in a castle in Tuscany. You’ll take classes with me every morning after breakfast, and […]

Surprise birthday sale!

It’s my birthday! I turn 40 years old today. This is a big one. I’m grateful for so much: I’m strong, healthy, and engaged with my writing. I share a writing studio with beautiful people who inspire me to get dressed up every morning. I work with Ashley, the star who runs this website (she […]

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