Daily Prompts


What would happen if you wrote for 10 minutes a day?

Writing would be part of your life, the way you’ve always wanted it to be. It would be like brushing your teeth or making a pot of tea in the morning. A simple ritual. A habit.

By the end of just a few months, you’d have a notebook full of raw material. You’d feel calm. You’d feel ready. Because you’re doing what you love: writing.

This is an invitation.

No stress about what “being a writer” means for your identity.
No worrying about whether you’re doing it right or wrong.
No time wasted wondering “what should I write about?”
No anxiety about whether it’s going to be published.

Write a little every day and allow it to become who you are.

Make writing your daily practice.
It’s more basic than you think.

What will you do with all of your work after you write it? That’s up to you.
But first, you must write.

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Praise for Daily Prompts


Barbara Berson“This has been really good for me. It’s been many years since I’ve written, and it’s taken me a long long time to find my way back into it. The prompts are kind of perfect — small, interesting — as was your advice to write longhand. I start each day away from my computer, writing, and my ten minutes are now an hour or more. It is the best part of my day. I can’t thank you enough, Sarah, for the prompts, and all your good and generous counsel.”

– Barbara Berson

quotation marks“Your daily writing prompts have become as necessary as my morning coffee. I still can’t believe it’s been a month – over a month now actually, and it feels great to be writing with vigor again.”

– Jerry Brens

quotation marks“I actually have been writing every single day, and when I got this email, I had no idea that it had already been a month. It feels absolutely incredible to know that I’ve been writing every day for a month, and I so appreciate the prompts.”

– Cher Hale

quotation marks“Thanks to your support, I feel the burning desire now to write every day. Even 20 minutes brings me so much joy. I am coming up with stories that I never knew I had…”

– Marsha Ostrovsky

quotation marks“Thanks for your daily writing prompts, which I’ve been getting for a month now. I’ve had two books and several short stories published, but my life is getting in the way a lot right now and your prompts help keep me on track.”

– Ann Ewan

quotation marks“Honestly, I’ve never felt better about my writing. The daily prompts have expanded my thought process in so many ways. “Structured Creative Writing” sounds somewhat contradicting, but setting out a 10 minute period to explore and challenge myself has truly helped me to understand my own writing style.”

– Matthew Maddison

quotation marks“I have loved every writing prompt because it immediately launches me into writing. An idea instantly comes to mind, which is very different than the other writing exercises I’ve done thus far. Something about how visual they are, how zany and how finite the descriptions… I would like to thank you for making writing enjoyable and not something that is a chore that makes me feel guilty every time I have abandoned it and returned. Your teaching and daily email is like a vitamin C tablet when you can feel a cold coming on. Or, in keeping with the metaphor, like a hug or a back rub from a lover when you have been too long estranged.”

– Jeanie Keogh

quotation marks“Your daily prompts have been so helpful… They inspire me to begin. They have become part of my morning routine: sit my butt down in front of the screen, read the creative prompt from Sarah Selecky, start writing. The writing prompt feels like a loyal friend who provides a way ‘in’ each day to the work. Your daily prompt also helps to make writing real for me and supports me in taking myself seriously as a writer. This is huge! I also appreciate that the prompt isn’t aggressive,or demanding in anyway. It offers support but then allows me to decide what I want to do with it.”

– Susan Cruickshank

Write what you want to read.