Write what you want to read.


A Little Conflict.

Writing conflict is difficult. Scary, even. It demands that you venture past the edge of what feels comfortable. When I write conflict from a comfortable place, it feels like pretending. Because I am pretending. If I feel totally okay while writing it, there’s no real struggle. It doesn’t feel true. Crystal Pite’s talk on conflict […]

Trust yourself.

  From the moment of commitment nature conspires to help you – Bjork, “Cetacea” Commit. Decide. Do it and don’t doubt it. You can’t know anything for sure. Not if this scene should go ahead of that one, for instance. Or if the story should be first person or third person limited. It’s not certain. […]

In the spotlight: Heather Debling

Oh, the joy that is in the details! Read Heather’s excerpt and travel with her protagonist, Barbara, to a sound-and-colour drenched carnival procession in Argentina. Go ahead. Let yourself forget where you are right now and succumb to the sound of those gold jangling bells, the clinking of beer bottles, and the “languid brassy sound” […]

Write what you want to read.