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Never Do Homework Again!

When I was in Barcelona, I visited La Sagrada Família, the (still unfinished) basilica designed by modernist architect Antoni Gaudí. I’d often heard that Gaudí was “inspired by nature” but until I stepped inside the cathedral, I did not understand what that really meant. Light comes in through the windows above the way sunlight filters […]

The Vulnerability of Submission

As I write this, it is the last day of my writing retreat here in the south of Spain. It’s almost time for me to put my novel away for a few weeks. Ryan arrived from Toronto last night, and while he slept off his jet lag today, I spent time under the big olive […]

Author Spotlight: Frances Phillips

I have been in the south of Spain this month, with three other writers, on a self-directed writing retreat. We are all working in different genres – poetry, essays, a memoir, and a novel (I’m the novel). While packing for the trip, I listened to a Radiolab episode about wrestling and Don Quixote. A scholar […]

Write what you want to read.