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A Big Announcement About the Way I Communicate

I’ve been spending the summer thinking and dreaming about why I’m here, what I’m doing on social media, and why I run this creative writing school in the first place. It does feel remarkable to me that the Story Is a State of Mind community has grown the way it has. Who would have thought […]

Your Summer Fun Kit!

When I worked at the head office of the LCBO (AKA: the Liquor Control Board of Ontario), I learned that offices in France closed in August. This made it difficult to track my Courvoisier orders, but I was impressed. Closed for the whole month? Mais, oui! I’ve always wanted to do that. This year it […]

How I lost my writing, and found it again.

I don’t usually do this, but I made you a video newsletter. There was something I wanted to tell you in person, so I brought my laptop into a quiet room and figured out how to make the built-in camera work. I’m a private person. This might be surprising, given my website, I know. But […]

Write what you want to read.