Write what you want to read.


Manifestos, guides, and best friends

Before I get into my post today, I want to tell you that The Story Intensive registration is open for 10 MORE DAYS. I run this writing workshop once a year: it’s the only fully-guided Story Is a State of Mind writing workshop I offer. Space is very limited, and writers from around the world […]

In the spotlight: Jon Shanahan

I met Jon Shanahan several years ago in my writing workshop at Banff. His writing had grit and a spark to it; he wrote with a sense of humour, and obviously loved the plasticity of language. His sentences were never boring — sometimes they could be quite bold. When Jon told me that he’d gone […]

Don’t try to make it symbolic.

I was invited to a Canadian fiction class at McGill University once. This Cake was on the required reading list for the course (!), and the students had all read the book and prepared some questions for my visit. It was a surreal experience. When I wrote the stories, I hoped for readers. But I […]

Write what you want to read.