Write what you want to read.



Have you read this yet? There was a lot of tittering about this anthology of essays this winter. Opinions were raised in a variety of newspapers, literary blogs and magazines. The gist of the book is, there are two ways to make a living as a writer in America: 1) by getting an MFA, probably […]

How to write characters who are different than you.

Two wonderful questions about character came into my inbox recently. After some reflection, I decided to answer them both at once. The answer to these two questions is the same, but the questions approach it from opposite ends. Q: I’m trying to work though SSM and I’m having trouble creating characters in Lesson 3. I […]

In the Spotlight: Sharon Bala

Sharon Bala took a short fiction master class with me a couple of years ago. It’s always a treat to work with a talented writer who is deeply disciplined. Often I coach writers on the benefits of staying with their writing even when they feel resistance, but in this case, Sharon had a steady and […]

Write what you want to read.