Write what you want to read.


Know What You’re Reading

Winter Writing Assignment 5     “The body of literature, with its limits and edges, exists outside some people and inside others. Only after the writer lets literature shape her can she perhaps shape literature. In working-class France, when an apprentice got hurt, or when he got tired, the experienced workers said, “It is the […]

Questions about The Story Intensive?

  People have been asking me to offer a winter Story Intensive for years. This year, we can finally do it! Is 2016 your year? There’s really no better way to start writing than to start writing.   I don’t say that to put pressure on you; I say it in the hopes that it […]

Love Your Sentences

Winter Writing Assignment 4     “The well-made sentence transcends time and genre. A beautiful sentence is a beautiful sentence, regardless of when it was written, or whether it appears in a play or a magazine article. … To talk to another writer about sentences feels like forging a connection based on the most intimate […]

Write what you want to read.