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Courage Comes Before Confidence

  Pretend you love writing. Close your eyes. Imagine working on your book. I mean, really picture it in your mind. You’re sitting in a room, writing. Envision a pile of paper beside you – that’s your manuscript. It’s finished. It’s ready. As you pictured yourself writing your book, how did you feel? Did you […]

Find Your Writing Community

Your dream about writing may have started as a whisper. It comes to many writers as a feeling first, or a wish. And every delicate filament of your dream will be matched by ten shouts of doubt the moment you try to make it real. I’m guessing you’ve experienced this already. You know those negative […]

The Story Intensive 2015: Update!

  The details for The Story Intensive 2015 are up today! The Story Intensive is my signature writing program. It’s the main event for my writing school, and it only happens once a year. Registration isn’t open yet – you have until July 14th to think about it. You still have lots of time to […]

Write what you want to read.