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“You were exotically authentic! You made authenticity (showing up on the page) sexy and fun! That is a major accomplishment. Thank you. But moreover, you made me feel good, you allowed me to be a writer, in the presence of other writers… and I have made a commitment to myself, to allow that door to stay open.”
Wendy Flemons
“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Saturday session in Calgary. I found it quite eye opening. I also wanted to comment on the relaxed but active vibe in the room. It was excellent! I think that you did a fantastic job guiding 50+ people through the workshop. Thanks again.”
Rea Tarvydas
“The work you've assigned has changed me, both as a writer and as a human being… I am truly grateful to you for having created an offering so imbued with artfulness, yes, but also love and wisdom.”
Sarah Ojamäe
“Thank you for a simply amazing interview. Your honesty and sincerity in answering what were hard questions to address on the spot was noticed by many in the audience, and greatly appreciated by me. Many who were there have commented on how you taught them how to read short stories. In your brief time on stage, you taught many teachers how to read short fiction. And I know they will, and indeed have, passed it on to their students.”
Wendy O’Brien, Humber College