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I’m Sarah Selecky: Author and Founder of the Sarah Selecky Writing School.

My writing and teaching respects intellect, analysis, mystery, and intuition.⁠
These immersive conversations and stories show creative writers how to protect their attention so they can write with more courage, resilience and magic.

I make my podcast intermittently, when I feel I have something important to share.


Season Three:
Guided Meditations for Writers


Jan 1, 2024

Season Two:
The Intuitive Writer

The interviews in this series are all about creativity, intuition, and receptivity.

How do we access our subconscious? What motivates us to write? How do we face our resistance and move through our fears with compassion? And how do we make creative work feel easy, like play?

I spoke to professionals who work in fields adjacent to creative writing: psychology, sleep, healing, leadership, somatics, mindfulness and improvisation. I wanted to learn how how the tools they use in their practices can also support creative writers.

These women are also six of my closest friends and colleagues, so our conversations are as delightfully personal as they are informative.

The Intuitive Writer: Guests

Christina Crook

November 12, 2021

Carmen Spagnola

September 25, 2021

Carrie Klassen

August 28, 2021

Ronit Jinich

July 24, 2021

Annie Bray

July 17, 2021

Catherine Wright

July 10, 2021

Gillian Ferrabee

June 19, 2021

Season One:
The Little Bird Series

These conversations are full of great advice on how to prepare your story before submitting it to a writing contest.

The Little Bird Writing Contest ran every year from 2010-2020. These are candid interviews with the authors who chose the winning stories for every contest anthology.

I asked the judges what inspires them, how they get over their own creative hurdles, what they think about revision, and more.

I also ask each author what they want to see in a winning story, and they are practical and specific when they reply.

Their answers might surprise you.

After listening, read the winning stories! Purchase all ten volumes of Little Bird Stories from Invisible Publishing.

The Little Bird Series: Guests

Sheena Kamal (2020)
Cherie Dimaline (2019)
Michelle Winters (2018)
Esi Edugyan (2017)
Lisa Moore (2016)
Neil Smith (2015)
Rebecca Lee (2014)
Alix Ohlin (2013)
Podcast recordings coming soon