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Press & Interviews


Overcoming Writer’s Block
with Tara Cremin & Shayna Krishnasamy on Kobo Writing Life (53 min)

Writing and Creating
with Caryn Gillen on When I’m in charge, that’ll be different. (44 min)

Quiet Mind, Deep Writing
Ferocious Compassion Podcast with Jane Reeves (40 min)

Sarah Selecky - Radiant Shimmering Light Writing
Numinous Podcast with Carmen Spagnola (64 min)

Conversations with Caroline Donahue on Secret Library Podcast

Teaching Writing and Transformation
Level Up Your Course Podcast with Janelle Allen (55 min)

Conversation with Alisha Crossley on Imperfectly Polished Podcast

Creativity and Spirituality
with Noor Kidwai on God: Yay or Nay? (55 min)

Embodied Writing
with Kathryn Bruni-Young on Mindful Strength Podcast (64 min)

How to Craft Stories and Why They Matter
with Steve Brown on ROI Online Podcast (59 min)

Radiant Shimmering Light
with Samuel Hankin on The Avid Reader Show (52 min)

Conversations with Canadian Authors
Bookish Radio with Kim Davids Mandar (64 min)

Writing + Nitty Gritty Inspiration
with Jennifer Louden (59 min)

Book Review - Radiant Shimmering Light
Radio New Zealand with Catriona Ferguson (5 min)