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What you need to know about fear.

Last weekend I had the privilege of working with six accomplished writers and a herd of horses for three days. It was incredible. The horses have a way of mirroring your resistance to you, without fail. You might have a very compelling story about why you won’t/can’t write your book, but try explaining that to […]

In the Spotlight: Paige Cooper

I met Paige Cooper at an epic writing workshop I led at Banff. Since then, she’s dedicated herself to her craft with enviable passion and discipline. It’s so affirming to watch what happens when a writer deeply commits to her practice! I feel fortunate to have worked with Paige, and it’s been wonderful to watch […]

Cross training

I signed up for art classes this fall. Every Tuesday for the next seven weeks, I’m playing with gouache! What? My art teacher, Erica, taught me about colour theory. I drank it up — chroma, hue, value. The difference between chroma and lightness. How different colours have their own inherent value. And how different value […]

Write what you want to read.