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The Vulnerability of Submission

As I write this, it is the last day of my writing retreat here in the south of Spain. It’s almost time for me to put my novel away for a few weeks. Ryan arrived from Toronto last night, and while he slept off his jet lag today, I spent time under the big olive […]

Author Spotlight: Frances Phillips

I have been in the south of Spain this month, with three other writers, on a self-directed writing retreat. We are all working in different genres – poetry, essays, a memoir, and a novel (I’m the novel). While packing for the trip, I listened to a Radiolab episode about wrestling and Don Quixote. A scholar […]

Humility and chutzpah: how to revise.

All of the writers we truly adore have a mix of these two qualities: humility and chutzpah. You know this paradox. You live in it, too. You have to be humble enough to see the truth and write it down honestly. You surrender. You write a story and follow the scenes even though you don’t […]

Write what you want to read.