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The 2014 Little Bird Winner!

The winner of the Little Bird Writing Contest is Rachel Ball, author of “Woman In a Drawer.” Rebecca Lee picked her amazing story out of the 111 entries we received this year. I was surprised and delighted when I heard the news, in part because of a magic little coincidence: Rachel also happens to be […]

In the Spotlight: Rachel Ball

This month, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Rachel Ball, a writer I know because of her online work. Like many readers, I fell in love with Rachel’s “Fiction Friday” blog posts. These pieces were writing experiments that she shared with her followers while she worked on her novel. Sometimes she read the […]


Have you read this yet? There was a lot of tittering about this anthology of essays this winter. Opinions were raised in a variety of newspapers, literary blogs and magazines. The gist of the book is, there are two ways to make a living as a writer in America: 1) by getting an MFA, probably […]

Write what you want to read.