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How to train for your writing marathon.

Writing is about endurance. Especially writing a novel. But unlike a marathon run, a marathon write means you’ll be sitting for hours at your desk. We all know now that sitting is the new smoking. It’ll kill you! When you’re sitting for hours, hunched over, lost in the depths of a fictional world, it’s easy […]

What you need to know about fear.

Last weekend I had the privilege of working with six accomplished writers and a herd of horses for three days. It was incredible. The horses have a way of mirroring your resistance to you, without fail. You might have a very compelling story about why you won’t/can’t write your book, but try explaining that to […]

In the Spotlight: Paige Cooper

I met Paige Cooper at an epic writing workshop I led at Banff. Since then, she’s dedicated herself to her craft with enviable passion and discipline. It’s so affirming to watch what happens when a writer deeply commits to her practice! I feel fortunate to have worked with Paige, and it’s been wonderful to watch […]

Write what you want to read.