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Want to meet other writers? Log in for support and conversation in a writing community you’ll love. Find a writing partner and enjoy daily writing prompts, feedback, and monthly workshops that help you grow as a writer. Be more productive! Join co-writing sessions, work with guest mentors, discover what writers are reading, share your work in our live readings, and more. 

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Ready to become a writer? This five-month program brings a philosophy of compassion into a serious curriculum, and gives you the feedback, deadlines, and accountability you need to be successful. Work with a mentor and a small writing group and learn new techniques that help you write well in any genre. Finish what you start, and bring joy into your creative process.

Become a writer. February to June 2023.

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How do you turn your first draft into a well-crafted story? What do you do with overwhelming and contradictory feedback? How can you use your voice, when you don’t know what that is? Created and led by Sonal Champsee, this program teaches you how to strengthen your understanding of craft, become a braver writer, and write a new version of your story.

Revise your short story. April to June 2023.